Heliotrope HealthIt’s wonderful to have you here with us. Heliotrope was founded in 1998 by Shoshana Savyon, PhD, DHM with the dream of its being a healing place, on all levels, for women and their families. Services respect and integrate observant Judaism and/or each woman’s chosen spiritual path.

Heliotrope is about the unique power of women helping women and we are hopeful that you will join us in growing, learning, sharing and striving to help each other be our best. We believe that each woman has a unique role to fill and that each and every one of us is needed and crucial to our World, now more than ever.

To fulfill our roles, we need physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental health and clarity. We are all different and our roles vary widely, but like cells in the body, each of us is required for optimal world health. We feel privileged to be with you on the road. Most of all, please enjoy the articles and resources you will find on this site.

Remember that this is your site. Comment, share, ask questions and stay in touch!