What on Earth is a Breema?

…bodywork unlike anything you’ve ever felt before, yet mysteriously familiar, evoking a forgotten naturalness and the joyful innocence of childhood.  Gentle and nurturing, at the same time so deeply penetrating that every aspect of your life is affected.  In a matter of minutes, you’re miles away from stress and worry.  You feel uplifted and embraced by life.  You feel at peace, refreshed, vitalized and balanced.  […] Read more »

Welcome to Angela’s Day!

Angela Aidel Brice is a dear friend, a respected colleague, teacher/student, inspiration, a dedicated healer in the true sense of the word and good fun. Angela passed away just before Rosh HaShanah in 2007. So why did I say “is”? Her presence and life’s work continues to live and inspire all of us at Heliotrope and all who knew her. When things were difficult at […] Read more »

The Refiner of Silver….

With us in the middle of the High Holy Days, I was particularly happy to get an email from a friend discussing the analogy that we draw between ourselves and our Master Craftsman. During the Yom Kippur services, we say, “Here we are, like silver in the hands of the Refiner….” It is also written in Malachi 3:3: ‘He will sit as a refiner and […] Read more »

Eclipse 2009 – The Moon and the Sun

In traditional Judaism and many other cultures, the Moon represents the feminine element while the Sun represents the Masculine. We are told that the Moon and Sun were equal at the time of creation; however the Moon recognized difficulties and asked if two could both wear a crown. HaShem told her that she should go and make herself small. This is seen as a sign […] Read more »