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The 2015/16 Energy Therapy Practitioner’s Group to Begin in September

The new group of Energy Therapy Practitioner studies began September 1st! This year’s group seems to be as wonderful as last years’ and should provide the community with an excellent resource of well-trained professionals. This year’s group are all highly trained practitioners seeking to integrate and expand on their multiple skills.

Metamorphosis in Hebrew!

Heliotrope has been sharing Metamorphosis for a number of years by training practitioners. We had a wonderful summer that was highlighted by teaching a brand new group of only Hebrew speakers. Go girls!

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Our first stop was the burial place of Hulda the Prophetess. She prophesied to the women at the Beit Hamikdash (The First Temple) from 640-609 BCE, sitting at the entrance of what is now called the Hulda Gates. She was a trusted confidant to King Josiah. Her burial place is on the Mount of Olives, under a private Mosque. Her Tomb has a special dynamic. There are two other women that chose to be buried in the same place. Both were mystics and highly revered by their communities. One spent much of her life disguised as a priest, one was a whirling dervish. There is a common thread woven through their histories…. Come next time to find out what it is!

We then moved on to the Tomb of the Prophets Haggai, Zachariah, and Malachi on The Mount of Olives. They all lived during the time of the Babylonian Exile between 520-440 B.C.E. They prophesied and encouraged regarding the the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the restoration of worship in the Holy Temple.

We finished off a wonderful day by visiting the Hulda Gates in the Western Wall Archeological Garden and on to the Kotel (Western Wall) for our private prayers.

Many thanks to Tzipporah Heller, Licensed Tour Guide, for arranging this event. It was tricky as permission to visit these sites is difficult to arrange. She provided us with loads of wonderful history that made the sites more alive.

Shoshana Savyon provided the information about the spiritual significance of the sites and the unique opportunities available for each of us personally.

Proceeds of the trip benefited the Woman to Woman’s Fund.

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